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We offer basic grooming such as baths for $20, freshen ups $7, 

comb-beauty-grooming-beauty salon-pet grooming

Dogs Only for GROOMING

Brush out, baths, freshen ups, ear cleanings, nail trims, 



Nail trims via a pedi paw safe method. 15.00

Ear Cleaning

Exterior tip cleaning 


We will stop in and feed/water plus check up on your animals once or twice each day.  Extra services include: mail removal from box and taken in house, lights rotation for safety, turn down the air conditioner the day you return, water plants (simple task as we are not gardners :), We will offer custom VIP services, just ask for a quote based on your needs.

VIP Concierge Service

  • Concierge Services;
  • Meet & Greet Session
  • Recurring Services
  • Litter Box Cleaning
  • Pet Drop Off/Pick Up Services
  • Pet Waste Clean-Up
  • Socialization/Playtime
  • Medication Administration
  • Feeding & Watering
  • Visit Updates
  • Pet Grooming; bacic grooming, baths, nail clips, freshen ups,
  • Dog Walking
  • Doggy Play Groups
  • Doggy Day Care
  • House Cleaning
  • Blinds/Curtains/Lights Adjustment
  • Mail Collection
  • Plant Care
  • House Sitting
  • Pet Boarding
  • Drop-In Visits
  • Small Pet Sitting
  • In-Home Dog Sitting
  • In-Home Cat Sitting

Overnight Boarding

Affordable Dog Boarding at our facility, limited availability, 25 -75 night

What our customers are saying

skilled professionals with down home customer service, love animals and trustworth, highly recommend