Animal House Sitters

When Animal House Sitters serves your needs;

Your animals enjoy same territory, same routines, same food and toys... and loving company!
When you are an Animal House Sitter client with mixed family of dogs & cats it might be difficult to board. 
We offer an affordable option by coming to your house once, twice a day and keeping up with the animal chores.

You choose what you want and when you want it.


What we do is what you ask us to do, that simple.


  • Pet Tech Certified
  • Behavior Training Enforcement
  • Bonded & Trustworthy
  • Verified Background Checks
  • Professional full time pet sitters. It's what we love so it's what we do!


VIP services allow you to make your own list or ala cart allows you to choose. Do it your way because you already know what works.  Please note: Our service specifically requires an emailed, entered via our site or handwritten to do list with specific instructions.  The first time we need "mommy or daddy" notes because we want to get it right.  Any time after that a special note is welcome.  

Example: 1/2 cup of this food once a day, please bring in the mail, my dog's favorite toy is his stuffed squirrel.  Best communication ends up with receiving the best service.

Go bare bones and save money or VIP and we do it all.  Your choice, your the boss of your Animal House!

Emergency Pet Treatment training via Pet Tech CPR, First Aide & Care Training, Members of many Professional Pet Sitting Associations including Pet Sitters International, APDT Association of Pet Dog Trainers, 

Award winning customer service, 5 Star Reviews

the reasons we do what we do
we love to serve

we love animals

it should be affordable & remove stress from the home owner

5 Star Reviews, Actual Pet Professionals,  Award winning,

 so whether your puppy palace is a ranch or your cat house is an RV, we got you covered with

Animal House Sitters